Award-winning projects in Shenzhen

29.04.2021 - Notes

The Rethinking the Future Awards 2021 – organised by the media platform of the same name – attracted more than 1,400 entries from over 50 countries. Among the winners were two projects currently under construction by schneider+schumacher: the high-rise data centre Qianhai Telecommunication Center was awarded 1st prize in the category for industrial buildings, while the Shenfang Park research building was awarded 2nd prize in the institutional buildings category.

Click here for the winning portraits in the Rethinking the Future Award:

Qianhai Telecommunication Center

Shenfang Park Open Innovation Center

Some 18 months ago, the Justice Center designed by schneider+schumacher was opened – making it the first completed permanent public building in Qianhai. A detailed project documentation has now been published on the website It documents how the architectural form of the structure originated and developed, through to current photos of the building.

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