A floating bridge

29.04.2019 - Awards

schneider+schumacher have won second prize in the competition for the Fechinger Viaduct, together with the architect Otto Schultz-Brauns, the civil engineering companies BPR Dr. Schäpertöns Consult and SRP Schneider & Partner, with Rainer Schmidt Landschaftsarchitekten.

As it follows the geometry of the valley, from a distance the bridge radiates a calm serenity. It is elegantly supported by slender, generously spaced double piers, creating an exciting play of light. The two carriageways are separated lengthwise by a gap. Upright supports, additionally emphasised at night by lighting effects, mark the beginning and end of the bridge. The bridge leads drivers coming from Mannheim directly to the gateway of the state capital Saarbrücken, welcoming them to Saarland.

The design attracts attention above all through its clarity and elegance, which creates a feeling of lightness; almost as if the bridge were floating over the landscape.

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