Jury chaired by Prof. Michael Schumacher

15.06.2018 - Notes

The Lower Saxony State Prize for Architecture was awarded this week in the category "Buildings for business and administration". The jury of 13 members, chaired by Prof. Michael Schumacher, met twice to decide on this year's winner, from some 66 submissions. The winning entry was Hafven, Coworking und Makerspace, Hannover, by Berlin architects Mensing Timofticiuc and their client, Plimo GmbH & Co.. The jury stressed that in a world where work and life has been totally transformed by technology, it is the state's duty to reward courageous new and idiosyncratic architectural projects such as these, particularly when they are located in a central but inhospitable part of the city. Here striking spaces have been defined with architecture that allows for the unpredictable, in which intellectual and hands-on approaches, thinking and experimentation are all directly addressed.

The results will be documented in print, as well as shown as part of a travelling exhibition in several locations in Lower Saxony.

Picture (above): Projekt Hafven, Coworking and Makerspace, Hannover by Mensing Timofticiuc Architekten, Photo: Hélène Binet

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