Galvanising company OTC

Calbe, 2005 – 2007
Industrial buildings

Two sites of a galvanizing company in Calbe at the Saale were planned to be combined into one. The existing office building was too big and located too far away from the production halls. Standard office containers were planned to be placed directly in front of the south side of the production halls. In order to express the new situation a pragmatic design was developed suiting the client’s budget whilst fitting into the rough industrial surroundings. The design spatially and functionally connects the new administration building to the production halls.

The containers were placed at a distance from the wall of the hall, and their East and West facades were clad with large format galvanized steel sheets. The space in between was covered with a roof and the short sides were enclosed with single pane glazing, creating a place of transition between the dirty and the clean, inside and outside, old and new.

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Technical details:

Client: OTC Oberflächentechnik Calbe GmbH & Co. KG
Typology: Industrial buildings
Project architect: Tim Ahlswede, Michael Schumacher
Project manager: Tim Ahlswede
Construction management: Kopf Holding GmbH, Schlierbach
Service phases (HOAI): 3-5
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