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schneider+schumacher Vienna has won 1st prize in the Lakeside Living III competition in Klagenfurt.
The development site lies very close to Klagenfurt West railway station and Lake Wörthersee. Viewed from the street, two individual blocks mark the entrance of the proposed site. Their slightly staggered arrangement offers the possibility of creating a flowing sequence of open spaces, which underscores the high residential quality of the neighbourhood. Behind this is a linear arranged terraced block, which, by virtue of its volume, acoustically shields the entire residential area from the southern railway line. Commercial space is planned for the lower floors - opposite the station entrance. This prize marks yet another success for schneider+schumacher Vienna in the competition for Lakeside Living by Riedergarten Immobilien. In 2016, they also won first prize in the competition for Stage II, which is currently under construction.

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From Schwedenplatz to Gölsdorfgasse

After almost ten years at Schwedenplatz, schneider+schumacher Vienna will be moving into new premises in Gölsdorfgasse at the beginning of April. The office was founded in 2010 by Till Schneider, Michael Schumacher and Eckehart Loidolt. The starting point was the Fronius project, a research and development centre in Thalheim. Since then other projects have followed, such as the residential complex at Podhagskygasse and the renovation of the listed 'Synchronhalle' in Vienna. Among the Vienna office's current successes are the competition-winning scheme Max and Moritz, a residential building to be built in Frankfurt am Main, as well as the projects Lakeside Living II and III in Klagenfurt, which are currently under construction or being planned.

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Prize for interdisciplinary ideas competition

Together with GTL Landschaftsarchitektur and Ingenieurbüro Oppermann GmbH, schneider+schumacher have been awarded 3rd prize in an ideas competition for the western periphery of the ICE Station in Fulda.

The competition brief sought short and long-term proposals for both the use and design of this area. schneider+schumacher's contribution sees the station district development to the north as an urban enhancement to the existing perimeter block development. Among other things, it provides for the relocation of the ZOB next to the main station building. This would then allow a denser urban development on the vacated area.

The jury report praises the design for clarifying and improving the current situation: "One very good idea is the arrangement of two separate and striking entrances for the train and the ZOB, which helps with orientation and creates a welcoming appearance."

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What is the attraction of the city, and how have our aspirations towards life there changed? What role does architecture play in this? Prof. Michael Schumacher will be attempting to answer these questions in a keynote lecture on 20 March at 8pm at the Marta Herford Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, where he will elucidate the issues by means of exemplary projects.



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Keynote speech on housing

Eckehart Loidolt, Managing Partner at schneider+schumacher Vienna, has delivered a keynote lecture entitled "Residential areas with a high quality of living: the example of the City of Vienna". It was part of the Think Tank set up by the GWG Reutlingen Wohnungsgesellschaft.

The event was convened to question classical development, building, and the underlying processes guiding them, with a view to establishing future approaches to new residential areas, as well as high quality housing.

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And the MIPIM Award goes to

The MIPIM Award was presented last night at the world's largest property fair in Cannes. In the category "Best Urban Regeneration Project" the New Old Town triumphed, allowing the coveted prize to return to Frankfurt. The masterplan for the urban development project was developed by schneider+schumacher. As project architects, the office was responsible for coordinating both the planning and execution of all 20 new structures plus the 15 reconstructed buildings. The overall aim was to ensure that communication between parties was always conducted in an appropriate and respectful way - a basic prerequisite, when tackling challenges and problems.

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Award for planners and craftsmen

In the competition "GEPLANT+AUSGEFÜRT" (PLANNED+EXECUTED) buildings are judged on the merits of both their planning and manual execution. On Thursday 14 March the Frankfurt Pavilion was awarded 2nd prize. Andreas Rutschmann (4th from left) from Bollinger + Grohmann, and Hendrik Pfeffinger (5th from left) from Holzbau Amann, who worked on the project as timber engineering specialists in close collaboration with schneider+schumacher, were at the International Trade Fair in Munich to receive the prize.

From 2-26 April 2019, 30 exemplary projects will be presented in Munich's Haus der Architektur, The exhibition aims to raise awareness about the importance of collaborative work. Further information can be found here.

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