Award for planners and craftsmen

15.03.2019 - Awards

In the competition "GEPLANT+AUSGEFÜRT" (PLANNED+EXECUTED) buildings are judged on the merits of both their planning and manual execution. On Thursday 14 March the Frankfurt Pavilion was awarded 2nd prize. Andreas Rutschmann (4th from left) from Bollinger + Grohmann, and Hendrik Pfeffinger (5th from left) from Holzbau Amann, who worked on the project as timber engineering specialists in close collaboration with schneider+schumacher, were at the International Trade Fair in Munich to receive the prize.

From 2-26 April 2019, 30 exemplary projects will be presented in Munich's Haus der Architektur, The exhibition aims to raise awareness about the importance of collaborative work. Further information can be found here.

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