From Schwedenplatz to Gölsdorfgasse

22.03.2019 - Notes

After almost ten years at Schwedenplatz, schneider+schumacher Vienna will be moving into new premises in Gölsdorfgasse at the beginning of April. The office was founded in 2010 by Till Schneider, Michael Schumacher and Eckehart Loidolt. The starting point was the Fronius project, a research and development centre in Thalheim. Since then other projects have followed, such as the residential complex at Podhagskygasse and the renovation of the listed 'Synchronhalle' in Vienna. Among the Vienna office's current successes are the competition-winning scheme Max and Moritz, a residential building to be built in Frankfurt am Main, as well as the projects Lakeside Living II and III in Klagenfurt, which are currently under construction or being planned.

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