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27.06.2018 - Notes

On Saturday the crane for the roofing and timberwork went up at the Bolongaropalast, offering an outward sign too that work to restore and convert the listed building is about to commence. In preparation, last Friday a metal restorer removed the sculpture of a pelican, which has been perching on the palace turret (also in a former version) since 1774. The ultimate location of the crane was decided on after scrutinising several detailed investigations into various potential locations, which were carried out by drilling bored piles in order to locate the exact position of cables and pipes running below ground.

Working together with the architects Rimpl + Flacht BDA, schneider+schumacher has been contracted to liaise with the listed building authority, and to oversee the renovation work, including the conversion and maintenance work to the building. The architects are responsible for carrying out work stages 1-9. The ultimate aim, alongside carefully restoring the building substance, is to make the building more attractive to the public through adding new uses.

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