On the home straight

20.02.2018 - Notes

Work has reached the final phase on the pilot project for affordable housing, constructed by ABG FRANKFURT HOLDING in collaboration with schneider+schumacher. In mid-February, Mike Josef, head of planning in Frankfurt and Frank Junker, ABG managing director, presented the two buildings plus the first finished apartment to the press.

The three-room, 72-square-metre apartment will be ready for occupation by the end of June, alongside a further 45 apartments in the scheme, at a basic rent of €10 per square metre. This represents a saving of approximately one third, compared to the normal cost of renting an apartment on the open market in Frankfurt. The apartments score well not only in terms of cost, but also in terms of their building quality and energy efficiency, neither of which have been compromised.

ABG and schneider+schumacher are now about to embark on a further project together in another area of Frankfurt, where they are planning to build another 130 apartments.

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