Mannheim Business School in book format

30.01.2018 - Publications

The history of Mannheim Palace from 1720 - 2017 has been briefly documented in the new monograph on the Mannheim Business School study and conference centre. Details of the new building project are elucidated through photos, sketches and plans. Written essays illuminate the building from various angles: Among those who have contributed texts are the client (Bernd Müller, Head of the Office Mannheim and Heidelberg Assets and Construction Baden-Württemberg), the user (Prof. Dr. Jens Wüstemann, President of the Mannheim Business School), the architect (Prof. Michael Schumacher, Owner and Managing Director of schneider+schumacher), and an architectural journalist (Gerhard Matzig, cultural editor at the Süddeutsche Zeitung). The book’s highly sensitive graphic design by the Quandel Staudt agency has produced a monograph commensurate with the design of the building.

The book (approx. 100-pages) costs 34,90 Euro, and can be ordered via

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