Wohnen im Kontext (Living in context)

11.09.2017 - Publications

The new publication "Wohnen im Kontext" brought out by Hessen's Bund Deutscher Architekten (BDA) is devoted to current issues in housing. The book is based on contributions made to BDA's 'Zukunftskonferenz' (a conference about the future), which took place at the German Architecture Museum at the end of 2016. The first part of the book covers political aspects of the topic, while the second part is devoted to demonstrating how, with careful planning and intelligent design, it is possible to create highly praiseworthy living accommodation.

In his article "Staircases and lifts must stay outside", Prof. Michael Schumacher presents a prototypical model for affordable housing that can be slotted into architectural as well as urban contexts. The clue here is to reduce the amount of volume that has to be built and subsequently heated. This can be achieved by placing staircases on the exterior. This type of accommodation is currently under construction in the Frankfurt-Oberrad district, where schneider+schumacher, together with ABG FRANKFURT HOLDING are building a pilot project with 46 apartments.

A PDF of the publication can be found online.

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