Honorable mention for "Green Center"

26.07.2017 - Awards

In the architectural competition for the development of the area "Raiffeisenlagerhausgelände" in Feldkirchen near Munich, schneider+schumacher's design won an honorable mention. The task was to present innovative ideas for new housing forms and the combination of residential and non- residential use for the fallow area near the suburban railway station. Among other things, apartments for seniors and families, as well as a midday care for children, should be established.

schneider+schumacher planned a block-like building with a green center, which protects the inhabitants from the outside noise. A three to four-storey mixed-use complex, with two angularly connected building lines and three free-standing solitaires, was planned. The jury praised the "comparatively loose urban structure that allows a spacious inner courtyard" and emphasized the successful arrangement of the various usages: "The apartments for seniors are completely on ground floor level, all connected and facing the inner courtyard. The afternoon care is located correctly, right across the school open spaces."

Until the 28th of July, the municipality of Feldkirchen presents the designs in the foyer of the town hall. A total of 19 architectural practices participated in the competition.

Conjointly with grabner huber lipp as landscape architects.

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