To research means to make

22.11.2016 - Publications

The jovis Verlag published the new specialist book “Praktiken reflexiven Entwerfens” (“examples of reflective designing”) that provides an insight into design research and research through design in architecture and landscape architecture. The book edited by architecture professor Margitta Buchert contains nearly 200 pages of professional contributions by various architects – among these you can find the essay “To research means to make” by Professor Michael Schumacher. Since 2007 he holds a professorship at the Institute for Design and Construction at the Leibniz University in Hannover.

In the essay Michael Schumacher explains application-oriented research on the basis of three different projects of schneider+schumacher:

_Research on Technology: extension of the Städel Museum

_Research on Material: new design for the external space belonging to the office development “die welle” (“the wave”)

_Research on typology and construction industry: ABG residential buildings

“Through the development of various alternatives and approaches regarding actual projects a certain process arises which is equal to scientific research: a systematic search for new findings and its documentation.” The publication is available at the jovis Verlag.

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