Wood construction

25.10.2016 - Exhibitions

The new exhibition “wood construction – roads to the future” at the Martin-Gropius-Building Berlin, delivers insights into wood architecture until mid-January. The exhibition shows on the basis of national and international projects, among them for example the „Multihalle“ by Frei Otto and the Autobahn Church Siegerland by schneider+schumacher, ecological sustainable and current positions on wood architecture. The church was built using timber frame construction for the exterior walls and a wooden truss structure for the roof and the spires. Furthermore it also features a wooden inner dome. Displayed are large sized models of the buildings which are extensively complemented by plans, texts and photographs.

Professor Hermann Kaufmann curates the exhibition in collaboration with Professor Winfried Nerdiger of the University of Technology Munich. It is held in cooperation with the German Architecture Centre DAZ in Berlin.

Photos: Marius Thessenvitz

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