20.09.2018 - Lectures

Waste your youth

Lecture by Michael Schumacher at the 25th Anniversary celebrations of AKJAA
07.09.2018 - Lectures

Symposium on Art Nouveau with Astrid Wuttke

On Saturday 8 September, from 10:00-17:00 in Bad Nauheim
28.08.2018 - Lectures

Architects, not Architecture

with Prof. Michael Schumacher at 18:00 on 18 September 2018 in Frankfurt
27.06.2018 - Lectures

Reshaping Space

Nan Wang will hold a lecture at the Jilin Architecture University in Changchun, China
26.04.2018 - Lectures

“Dealing with the fabric of heritage buildings”

Till Schneider lectures at the opening of the Design Prize exhibition
24.04.2018 - Lectures

Architecture as a Component in Image-making

Till Schneider talks at the A³ Real Estate Congress in Augsburg
06.04.2018 - Lectures

All good things come in threes

Prof. Michael Schumacher is giving lectures between 10 and 13 April at the Chinese universities of Harbin, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou
28.02.2018 - Lectures

Building culture workshop: “Taking stock of existing stock”

On 8 and 9 March in Dessau – Kai Otto presents a keynote talk on the Mannheim Business School project
23.01.2018 - Lectures

Architecture and “climate-friendly” building today

Keynote lecture by Prof. Michael Schumacher on 1 February at the IHK Frankfurt
06.12.2017 - Lectures


Prof. Michael Schumacher lectures in Weimar on 7 December
24.11.2017 - Lectures

"WerkBundStadt Berlin – a precedent for Marienplatz?"

BDA table talk with Till Schneider on November 27
22.11.2017 - Lectures

Spread plumage

A round table discussion is taking place in Frankfurt on December 5. Friedrich Dassler, editor-in-chief of ‘xia’ will talk to Prof. Michael Schumacher and other guests about Braun’s headquarters in Kronberg
21.07.2017 - Lectures

Sustainable Building

Lecture by Joachim Wendt in Beijing on the 25th of July
29.03.2017 - Lectures

Quality meets Quality

Lecture by Till Schneider about the Renovation of the Silvertower on April 27th, 7pm at DAM
27.03.2017 - Lectures

„Common ground“ and „12+12“

On the 28th of March, Joachim Wendt will give a lecture entitled “common ground” at the Hochschule in Coburg and Till Schneider will talk about the topic "contemporary sacred architecture" in Munich.
22.11.2016 - Lectures

Pilot project for economic residential building

Lecture given by Professor Michael Schumacher at the BDA Future Congress in Frankfurt on the 30th of November
18.10.2016 - Lectures

Future questions and perspectives for architecture and urban planning

Joachim Wendt gives a lecture at the Mini-Symposium in Karlsruhe
13.10.2016 - Lectures

Acoustic experiences

Lecture given by Michael Schumacher at the MADEby-Symposium Architecture & Acoustics on the 13th of October
30.08.2016 - Lectures

On-off: Industry creates culture

Lecture of Till Schneider on 15 September at 19:00 in the Stadtgalerie in Saarbrücken